Uploading On A Schedule

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One reason why many TV shows can maintain an audience (apart from quality content) is the fact that their viewers know exactly when to expect a new episode. It's the same on YouTube: once you've uploaded a few videos, take note as to what time and day of week returns the best results. It depends somewhat on your audience: uploading at night may be best, whereas other audiences may be more engaged during the day.

Before choosing a video to upload, make sure the privacy option is set to Scheduled—you can't switch this after the fact!

If you use this tool and always upload your new videos on the same days, at the same times, and with the right promotion, your viewers will always know when a new video is coming out!

Releasing on schedule is crucial—and so is telling your viewers that you have a schedule. If it’s not clear to your viewers when new videos are coming out, then you'll miss out on the benefits of scheduled uploads. So be sure to:

  1. Include your schedule on your YouTube channel banner
  2. Announce your scheduled at the end of your videos
  3. Tease upcoming videos on social media

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