Do I need any licences from publisher (for example Ubisoft) to upload and monetize gaming-clips from

We got approval from most of the publishers. Some of them, like Mojang of course, say “Sure, do whatever”, and other say “I can’t say yes, but I don’t say no either. Once a game is on the market, just go for it”. The ones that make problems out of it once in a while are Microsoft and Warner Bros. Even though this has never actually resulted in a strike of some sort. All the strikes come from music usage or the usage of claimed content by the publisher… (see example below). Yet, keep notice on this: Some games are claimed and therefore protected on YouTube. Even when you upload your very own gameplay, Youtube will recognize it as copyright infringement. Find here more information: Therefore, we motivate our partners to be unique. Don’t just upload a gameplay video, but use your webcam, use voice-over, MAKE your own content!

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