How does Terms Of Use (T.O.U) Strikes works?

Community Guidelines ( sanctions last for six months from the date that they are received. Notice is provided by email and at next login; for reference, copies of the notices are also logged within a user's account. Accrual of sanctions results in penalties, as follows:

First Sanction: The first sanction on an account is considered a warning.

Second Sanction: If an account receives two sanctions within a six-month period, the ability to post new content to YouTube from that account is disabled for two weeks. If there are no further issues, full privileges are restored automatically after the two-week period.

Third Sanction: If an account receives a third Community Guidelines sanction within six months (before the first sanction has expired), the account is closed. When a user has posting privileges temporarily disabled on one account, that user is also prohibited from posting material to YouTube using any other account, for the duration of the suspension.

Attempts to circumvent this rule may result in immediate closure, without warning, of all accounts. If you feel that your video was removed without just cause, you can appeal against the sanction on your account.

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